Each day we have the opportunity to shine. Using the light from the sun, we can take in the inspiration, have gratitude and love each day to the fullest. And we can shine so that others can see the sparkle in us.


What images do we conjure during these strange days?

For me the quiet time is always a blessing. I enjoy the solitude and the lack of interruptions. However I have found myself longing for the laughter of others and the energy that I feel when I’m with my friends and family .

As I’ve taking long walks in the morning 8 have seen flowers grow from tiny sprouts into beautiful blossoms. I have seen my garden go from seeds to food baring. I’ve even gotten to know the squirrels that visit in the mornings for a snack, by the color of their fur, scars or size of their tails . The blessing is that I have have the chance to notice these things being given this time .

So recently I was thinking about my upcoming winter holiday show and there will definitely be modifications. I am a ceramist, but there will be very little ceramic work since I do not have access to the studio kiln, which is in a public place .

I have turned my focus to paintings where I am feeling the influences of spiritual practices, these ceremonies which keep us grounded, in the blessings of today.

My jewelry designs and production are influenced by antiquities, southwest western and Italian beads, world travel, powerful stones, hand crafted African beads and more. Each piece is one of a kind and made for the wearer to benifit from its powerful influences. It may become the only thing you want to wear.

moonstone and crystal focal point with hand wrapped silver wire.



A ritual, an exploration, a comforting habit that accompanies me on my life’s journey. It may be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly… but like the cycles of nature, the seasons, the return of the salmon… I find myself looking to what my ceremony is and how I must follow through. Deep inside of me, in each of us, drawn to a way of living, a healing that we require. Different for each of us and necessary for growth and happiness.

We must follow what the universe has put before us, to be one with all, to be healed and whole. May you find the road that leads you to your healing path.