Channeling the Bear


Painting on Balinese prayer paper. The bear is a powerful symbol to many cultures. For Native Americans, this beautiful relative is considered a protector of family, conjuring strength and the continuation of life. I had been feeling the need for direction regarding a few decisions I needed to make and the Bear kept showing itself in my dreams. So I allowed the bear into my day mind and started to paint. The prayer paper came to me a few years back and I had been holding onto it… so prayers and blessings, strength and honor. Mato!

Live well everyday

As the days pass, many of the teachings I have been given lead to the same idea… have gratitude for the things in your life: loved ones, food, warm home, health, job, transportation, freedom etc. I could go on. When I stop to meditate on my morning walks in the woods, I find that gratitude the old ones talk about. Let’s be grateful together!

Each day we have the opportunity to shine. Using the light from the sun, we can take in the inspiration, have gratitude and love each day to the fullest. And we can shine so that others can see the sparkle in us.